BitDice Review

BitDice is a classic Bitcoin casino, which has gone through some major changes.

  • Bets: 43,690,581
  • Bankroll: 2,200 BTC
  • Wagered: 199,657 BTC
  • 1% edge
  • Max profit: 106.84 BTC
  • Verified provably fair
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BitDice is an excellent Bitcoin casino.

TheBitcoinStrip's review of BitDice

The series

BitDice launched as a series of websites, but has now merged into just one. The “” series is a gang of online casinos each offering the same game but under a different crypto-currency. The group currently includes,,, and Although the sites are operated independently, all share the same engine, look, and proprietor.

As the name clearly suggests, is a game of classic dice. The design is simple and elegant, and the site offers many helpful features such as an active chat window, crowd-investing with live updates, and an automated betting robot. Along with fast rolls, keystroke betting is an option for those power-gamblers who don't enjoy nonstop clicking. Additionally, the betting button can be held down for a short burst of many bets.

The chat window is a very unique one, allowing players from all four casinos to come together into one unified chat room. Beside each name is a small logo displaying which casino the player is on. Each high roller bet from any of the four casinos are displayed, so players can see who is raking it in and where.

As with most other dice sites, the crew has a generous house edge of only 1%.


BitDice and the team have been around for long enough to prove that they are a legitimate business. Since the launch in February 2014, BitDice has been very transparent with their operations, providing a strong provably fair mechanism. On, the total Bitcoins wagered on the site totals to roughly 87,340 BTC and the site profit is almost exactly 1% of that, which proves that the house edge is real and consistent.

Financials are fantastic for BitDice, a site with a heavy bankroll above 1,500 Bitcoins. The maximum profit stands second for any Bitcoin casino, advertising the opportunity to win up to 138 BTC in a single roll! The rest of the gang have similarly large bankrolls, but BitDice certainly takes the cake. DogeDice holds over 350 million DOGE in the bank, LiteDice has over 3,000 LTC in its wallet and nearly 500 million RED have been invested in RedDice. When playing on any of these casinos, worrying about the maximum bet is something the vast majority of players will never do.

My opinion


The owner of the team is an expert in seizing opportunity. The fast betting is a huge plus, along with the innovative chat box and auto-betting feature. The casinos are at the top of the list when it comes to fun gambling experiences. Overall, the sites have many positive aspects and little-to-no downsides. When recommending casinos to play at or invest, BitDice often comes to mind first.

This review was written by Candystripes.

Update (April 24, 2017)

Since we posted this review, the BitDice website has undergone massive change. It looks like the website may have been bought out or something, since today's design doesn't reflect the classic dice site in any way.

They now have new games such as blackjack, slots, roulette, etc. Even though the dice still exists, it looks very different and I feel it has lost its touch.

Oh well.

Score: 5 out of 5.

Published January 29, 2015

Things to remember about BitDice:

  • Games: Dice, Blackjack, Slope, Roulette.
  • No sign up required (completely anonymous).
  • You can win up to 107 BTC.
  • Over 43.69 million bets.
  • BitDice is a provably fair casino.
  • Deposit in BTC, DOGE, LTC, RDD, DASH, CLAM.
  • Over $429,961,350 USD (199,657 BTC) has been gambled here.
  • They have a bankroll of approx. $4,737,700 USD.
  • BitDice investors have made a profit of $2,704,796 USD.
  • House edge is roughly 1%.
  • These statistics were last updated 7 months ago.

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Wagered statistics for BitDice
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BitDice is an excellent Bitcoin casino.


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