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Bustabit (formerly Moneypot) is a fairly new casino offering just a single game mode. It is complex to learn, yet simple to play.

  • Verified provably fair
  • 1% edge
  • Wagered: 914,341 BTC
  • Bustabit
  • Max profit: 47.64 BTC
  • Bankroll: 1,588 BTC
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bustabit is one of our favorite casinos.

TheBitcoinStrip's review of bustabit


The player plays against the system’s pot of money. The point of the game is to cash-out your bet before the pot crashes. To play, you first put down a bet, and then watch the multiplier go up. Whatever multiplier you cash out on, you win. But if the game "crashes" before you cash-out, you lose your entire wager.

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The motto of Bustabit is “The Social Gambling Game”. With fun, fast-paced action and an active chat, the game can be very exciting. Watching the multiplier makes your heart beat faster than anything, as it’s going up and up, or cashing out right before it crashes. The game also awards a bonus to the players that cash-out last before the game crashes. This puts on pressure to stay in the game longer, and test yourself. The site also includes an auto-bet feature which allows players to choose when to cash-out automatically and whether to increase the wager after a loss (martingale). Along with the auto-bet comes a strategy tab, where savvy users can enter javascript commands to create a customized betting robot.


The odds vary greatly, depending solely on what multiplier you aim to cash-out on. One of Bustabit’s best features is its razor thin house edge. When playing carelessly and without skill, it is possible to be playing with a net return of -2%, but with careful play there is a slim possibility of pushing the house edge back down to 0%.

The game has a 1% chance of instantly crashing (crashing at 0x). The house doesn’t make any money on it, as the losses from these games are used to fund the bonus scheme. That is the reason behind the casino's original name “MoneyPot”, as the "pot" consists of the bonus funds, and is spread to the users who cash-out late.

Screenshot of bustabit


Trust was a problem for quite some time. As soon as the website launched, players were worried that the game could have been rigged to crash early upon big bets. In response, the administrator at the time decided to make Bustabit open-souce, meaning that the internal code is visible to the public. Only recently, on the 17th of January, a provably fair scheme was introduced to remove any further doubts about the legitimacy of the game.


As with many of the smaller sized casinos, financials have been a problem for Bustabit since day one. The bankroll is funded by the sole owner of the website. Although the bankroll size is reasonable, the maximum profit is in the single digits. In the future, Bustabit claims that it plans to add an investment feature for all players to help fund the bankroll. Once the investment option is added, the maximum win should quickly increase.



Bustabit does what it’s supposed to do: provide fun. The design of the game itself is very unique, creative, and innovative. Whether you are betting big or small the game never fails to give you the thrill you’re paying for. The chat box is often active and friendly. Bustabit is one of the top casinos where it comes to fun and socialising.

The fast-paced action and quick crashes make for a very exciting game. The design of Bustabit, including the complex house edge is smart, allowing players to bring the house edge down to zero. With an active administrator, the game is rapidly growing and being extended upon.

This review was written by Candystripes.

Update (April 24, 2017)

Bustabit is still one of the best Bitcoin casinos around. It's now the most popular Bitcoin game, by a huge margin.

According to Google Trends, more people search for "bustabit" than they search for "bitcoin casino". This just goes to prove how popular the site has become.

This month, over US $116 million was wagered on the game, more than double the second place ($46 million by Primedice). Since the site launched, it has received over $1 billion in bets, which is crazy.

Still one of my all-time favourites; it's definitely the most addictive gambling game out there.

Score: 5 out of 5.

Published January 21, 2015

Things to remember about bustabit:

  • Just one game: Bustabit.
  • No sign up required (completely anonymous).
  • Launched in July, 2014.
  • The jackpot is 48 BTC.
  • Over 305.99 million bets.
  • bustabit is a provably fair casino.
  • Takes deposits in BTC.
  • Over $1,952,118,035 USD (914,341 BTC) has been gambled here.
  • They have a bankroll of approx. $3,390,380 USD.
  • bustabit investors have made a profit of $3,691,415 USD.
  • More info from their forum thread here.
  • House edge is roughly 1%.
  • These statistics were last updated 2 weeks ago.

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Wagered statistics for bustabit
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bustabit is one of our favorite casinos.


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