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BitZino Review

In spite of the age of the platform, BitZino’s HTML5 games and slick UI still seem up to date with the industry’s high standards.

Innovation from day one

Being a pioneer isn’t easy when dealing with technologies as young as bitcoin. It’s not an exaggeration to call the developer of bitZino a pioneer. Back in 2012 bitcoin’s price wasn’t even close to today’s levels and bitcoin’s community consisted of a significantly smaller group of people; bitZino’s developer had foursight of bitcoin’s potential with gambling at such a time, and came up with its own design and games for a bitcoin casino. The casino’s success also helped popularize provably fair gambling with touch of poker.


BitZino features a traditional set of casino games including blackjack, slots, poker, roulette and craps; as well as the not-so-traditional game three card poker that seems to to be prevalent with online casinos as it’s ideal for fast-paced gambling.

Players can test the games with play money as soon as they land on bitZino’s website. It is hard to miss that all games are responsive and well designed in spite of the casino’s age. Playing with real money requires an account, not to worry though, registration is completely anonymous and players can also be done with it though bitZino’s auto-registration feature that registers an account with one click.


BitZino is using HTML5 technology for its games this way making them available to a greater set of platforms. All modern browsers can make the website’s features accessible to players without any user-side requirements as plugins like the Flash Player, a plugin that several other casinos require in order to play the games.

Additionally, HTML5 makes the website mobile friendly as browsers on modern mobile devices can also access the website and all of its features given that they support HTML5. The website is also equipped with QR code support for depositing bitcoins so players with wallets that support QR recognition will not have to go through the hustle of copy-pasting bitcoin addresses.

Finally, a subtle but very useful feature is bitZino’s flexibility when it comes to bet amounts. Players can bet from 1 uBTC (0.000001 BTC) all the way up to decently high maximum bets that vary per game. This feature is going to be particularly useful to players that like gambling with small amounts of money or simply like practicing particular strategies that involve decreasing the wager.

More specifically, and according to information available on bitzino’s website, the max bet on blackjack is 25 BTC, 5 on craps, 100 on roulette, 2 on slots 25 on three card poker and 2 on video poker.


In general, security seems to be a serious matter for bitZino. The website is secured by an SSL certificate and all of the casino’s pages are accessed through HTTPS. Moreover they claim to have great standards for securing user information and funds, in bitZino’s own words: “Every bitcoin you send to us is backed up in an offline wallet. Every password we are entrusted with is bcrypt hashed and salted.”

The fact that the games can be played without the need of any third party plugins is also catering to those that wish to be anonymous and on a secure environment while gambling. Adobe’s Flash Player is known to be insecure and is often hit with zero day exploits that are only addressed with updates days later.


BitZino is an old casino by the standards of bitcoin’s gambling industry but still lives up to the expectation of being a great casino. The website and its games haven’t seen a major redesign since bitZino’s early days, so players that mostly care about the looks of what they’re playing might find the the website’s design unattractive. BitZino does make up to this with the rest of its virtues though, its amazing responsiveness, great compatibility, flexibility with bet amounts and cutting edge provable fairness as well as the ability to play there anonymously are attractive features to this day.

BitZino Bonuses

BitZino does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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BitZino Features

Launch Date

June 2012

Registration Requirements

No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Just one game: Blackjack

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

BitZino is not provably fair

Lowest House Edge


BitZino Player Reviews


BitZino is not active on


bitZino is no longer operational.

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