CakeBet Review

Judging by the large number of bitcoin casinos present on the market, finding the right one can be quite difficult, especially for someone who is not proficient with the market. CakeBet represents a popular bitcoin casino, best known for trying to make gambling with the digital currency as easy as possible, and for its fun multiplayer games.

At this moment in time, the bitcoin casino offers two great games, these being blackjack and dice. When it comes down to blackjack, the platform offers an easy, yet strict set of rules, including the fact that they do not offer players the possibility to surrender or acquire any form of insurance. In terms of its dice games, things are generally simpler, as the rules here, are common to the ones found at most of its competitors.

When compared to some of the other bitcoin casinos, currently operating on the market, CakeBet offers a variety of interesting features, including Coin Sprinkle. To put things better into perspective, players will win free bitcoin once they win several times in a row, thus joining a win streak. This can either increase or decrease, based on the value of the chips being used.

In terms of its deposit and withdrawal policy, the casino accepts zero-confirmation deposits, which means that you’ll be free to use your coins as soon as you send them to the address specified o the website. Withdrawals can be processed at any times, yet the platform will take more time to process larger withdrawals, as an effort of improving the overall security of the server.

Speaking of security, CakeBet prides itself for employing effective and efficient security measures, including digital assets security, data security, website security and more. All passwords and user information are encrypted, and kept safe at all times. Users who find any security issues can always report these vulnerabilities to the server, which will handle them as soon as possible. In terms of accessibility, the website can be accessed from any device capable of supporting an internet connection and web browser, including computers, tablets, TVs and last but not least, phones. The website’s design and feel are also professionally made, and as the name suggests, cake-themed, thus making the entire experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Most users may also be worried about the provably fair feature being offered by CakeBet. Luckily, it employs an effective system, where the servers and players can choose their secrets, commit to them, and in the end, reveal them. The random numbers being issued are picked via the native crypto module being offered on most browsers. Provably fair settings can always be verified and changed, if needed.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, CakeBet represents a great bitcoin casino, accessible from almost anywhere in the world, where players can have a lot of fun via its multiplayer games, while also winning a good amount of money if they’re skilled and lucky.

CakeBet Bonuses

CakeBet does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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CakeBet Features

Launch Date

March 2014

Registration Requirements

No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Blackjack, Dice

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

CakeBet is a provably fair casino


CakeBet has a Bitcoin faucet

Lowest House Edge


CakeBet Screenshots

CakeBet Rankings

Casino Rank #44

BetMoose Rating


BetMoose Features

  • Wide range of markets to bet on
  • One of the most active Bitcoin prediction platforms
  • Good user interface and experience
Casino Rank #45

CakeBet Rating


CakeBet Features

  • "Coin sprinkles" drop house edge to 0.3%
  • Great looking user interface
  • Mutliplayer dice and blackjack games
  • Community chat
  • 8 language choices
Casino Rank #46

BitDice Rating


BitDice Features

  • Loyalty rewards system
  • Several games
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies

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