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Chainroll Review

Chainroll makes Bitcoin gambling easier than ever. The website suits the game very well: both are simple and easy to use. To provide easy access, there is a slider on the site. The more you move to the slider to the left, your bet becomes less risky, but of course with a lower potential gain. As you move the slider to the right, the risk increases along with the payout. For each bet odds option, there is a separate betting address. To bet, send your wager to the Bitcoin address and If you win, you’ll get your Bitcoin back plus your winnings. If you lose, nothing is sent back.

Betting on the Blockchain

In total, there are approximately 120 different active betting addresses, which is the most out of any on-chain betting website. Being on-chain sure does have its advantages and disadvantages, though. The first and most obvious being that each bet costs you the network transaction fee right off the bat. This can make smaller wagers very costly, and deters martingale-style betters. The miner’s fee isn’t covered by the casino. All bets are instant and returned (if won) within seconds.

Maybe calling the site “rushed” makes it sound like the creator did a poor job, but Chainroll was a job done alright. Despite being a new casino, there are many small things that overthrow the experience. For example, clicking “Big Wins” on the homepage seems to show all wins, even 0.001 wins. The profit column when viewing bets shows that the profit is zero when you lose, but it should show the amount lost instead. Small things like these add up and can push new players away.

There’s never been a blockchain-based Bitcoin casino which isn’t provably fair. The provably fair mechanism appears to be legitimate.

The Bankroll

Bankrolling is one thing that is important to everybody. Fortunately, the amount stashed in the bank is more than enough to offer decent maximum bets. Although, unlike other dice games, the amount you can win depends on the payout. Playing 1.1x, you can win up to .45 BTC. On 1000x, you can win up to 5 BTC, and on 2x, you can win up to 2.5 BTC. In all directions, the maximum you can win is always reasonable and never a problem.


The community is Chainroll’s biggest downside, or as I should say, an area that could do with some improvement. Maybe the administrator completely forgot this factor? No chat, no involved admin, barely any posts on bitcointalk, no faucet; nothing that enlightens the experience. Just betting, and that’s it. At launch, the admin was giving 0.0002 BTC out daily, and we haven’t heard since. This adds onto the list of things that describe a scamming casino: a secretive and mysterious admin. Hazy, for sure.

Personal Opinion

Overall Chainroll delivers its purpose of a quick betting casino. If I am just a couple bucks off a purchase, I would go ahead and bet on it for a quick buck. Although for long term, I wouldn’t use Chainroll just because of trust issues as well as the transaction fees involved. That said, the game is still as fun. Sometimes when bets take longer, the suspense is stronger and the wait keeps your heart beating hard. Fun, yes, but also full of holes and problems that comparable casinos don’t have.

Chainroll is just a copy of dice, with no improvements made. The website doesn’t matter much, as all betting is done from your wallet. Transaction returns are fast, but over time the fees are eating away at your wallet bet after bet. The minimum bet is a fair 0.0001 BTC, and the most you can win is also a decent amount. The game still has many issues with being provably fair, and the unusually private admin adds onto this. No chat, no faucet, and not much of a community on the forums are more weaknesses. Overall Chainroll delivers the game, but there is much to work on and fix.

Chainroll Bonuses

Chainroll does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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Chainroll Features

Launch Date

February 2015

Registration Requirements

No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Just one game: Dice

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

Chainroll is a provably fair casino

Lowest House Edge


Chainroll Player Reviews


Chainroll is not active on


This Bitcoin dice site is no longer operational

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