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The aim of the game is to locate as many coins as possible without hitting a mine. If you hit a mine, your wager and potential winnings are lost. The board is 8 squares by 8 squares, for a total of 64 playing squares. This is a little twist to similar games that provide smaller playing boards. The site itself is more classic-styled, compared to modern alternatives such as

Unlike other comparable games, Coin-Sweeper offers only three different types of fields. You can choose a playing area with 3 mines, 10 mines, or 21 mines, each with different odds reflecting a 1% house edge. The 3-mine game offers the least chance of losing, with the lowest payouts, while the 21-mine game is the riskiest with the most rewarding payout. Competitors such as allow players to choose the exact amount of mines on the game-board, a major feature that Coin-Sweeper is still lacking. One little downside, and pet peeve for some, is the considerable lag in between each click of the square and the result.

The site does lack other basic features such as a faucet and chat; features that many users look for in a casino. The usernames are, by default, the same as deposit addresses, which can be confusing, and leads to the possibility of lost coins if you forget to set a password and change your username.


Coin-sweeper is a provably fair casino. Under each playing playing board, a secret hash is displayed for the current game, and the hidden game code. The FAQ page explains the process of verifying the hashes, and explains how the bombs are randomly placed.


Financials are a problem for Coin-sweeper, although it doesn’t seem to affect the gameplay experience too much. The bankroll is privately funded by the operator, and is estimated to be around 65 BTC, which is quite low. The maximum amount you can bet on any of the three minefields is set at 0.2 BTC, which is odd because the maximum win differs. The maximum win is told to be a percent of the bankroll, but no real-time stats are shown, and so it the number is unknown. This can be a problem for a high roller aiming to claim a big amount of coins in one round.



Although the game itself has been re-created many times, and the idea is not original, it can still be enjoyable to play. The excitement of clicking a square and waiting to see a result over and over again can be a thrilling experience. However, the lack of basic features such as a faucet, chat box and decent bankroll may push users to competitor sites such as

Update (April 24, 2017)

It looks like Coin-Sweeper has merged with, or has been acquired. The Coin-Sweeper website now just redirects to the CryptoGames.

I’m not sad, and I won’t missed the site. It looks like it wasn’t care for properly, the numerous problems weren’t fixed and so the Bitcoin game died of natural causes.

Bye Coin-Sweeper.

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Coin-Sweeper does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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Coin-Sweeper is not provably fair

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