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coinichiwa Review

The website launched in late November, 2014 and has been up and running since without any issues. Overall, the casino compares equal or worse to its main competitors. There is a standard auto-bet feature, a chat window, and a small faucet. Anything new? No, there’s nothing new. But there was one thing that stood out, and that was the betting speeds.

Betting speed

Coinichiwa’s number one focus has always been to provide players with a functional rapid dice casino. Most dice players can relate to problems with high latency rolling. Any gambler understands the frustration of having to wait many seconds before the outcome of your click is revealed. Auto-betting and hoping to gain over time can take much longer than necessary.


Coinichiwa offers the same game as the countless other dice sites. Not much is different. There is a chat window, a faucet, an auto-rolling feature, and even a built in jackpot. The auto-bet feature provides many useful features, such as the ability to delay bets or stopping at a certain profit. These simple features may seem essential, but you would be surprised by how many sites lack them. The jackpot is another fun addition to the website and adds a bit of excitement to each roll.

The casino is provably fair, with a built-in well-explained verifier. It is as easy as clicking a bet under “My Bets” to view all the fancy technical stuff.


Some consider the appearance of the site to be sacrificed for performance. Everybody knows that you can’t have a webpage full of fancy scripts, HTML5, and drop-downs, while keeping it speedy. With that said, the design is unique. Most other sites have the rolling area at the top, and the history of your bets at the bottom; Coinichiwa gives a tab-styled layout where you can put what you want, wherever you want. This means you can chat while observing your bets, auto-bet while viewing others’ bets, or view the leaderboards and change your settings at any time.

Funding (or lack thereof)

One downside of Coinichiwa is the lack of decent financials. The site is privately funded by the lone owner and doesn’t allow investments of any kind. At the time of writing, the bankroll is a mere 40 BTC. Worse, the maximum win is a tiny 0.38 BTC, a number way too low for many gamblers. These figures could easily have been raised if investing was an option.

Personal Opinion

Dice, again? Really? I think there are many improvements to be done to the casino. It’s the same as the rest, except for arguably faster betting speeds. Coinichiwa offers all the norms: a chat, auto-bet, and a jackpot. The look and feel of the site is not special, but it does the job just fine. There are more downsides than upsides, especially in when it comes to financials. If you want to play dice, there are many alternatives that keep Coinichiwa from making it to the top.

coinichiwa Bonuses

coinichiwa does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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coinichiwa Features

Launch Date

November 2014

Registration Requirements

Personal ID required to withdraw


Just one game: Dice

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

coinichiwa is a provably fair casino

Lowest House Edge

Not available

coinichiwa Player Reviews


coinichiwa is not active on


This Bitcoin dice site is no longer operational.

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