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The design and gameplay is extremely simple. You set your multiplier, choose how much you want to bet, then roll the dice. The odds start at a 97.7% chance of winning, and go downwards until just .101%. One downside of playing Coinroll is the very low maximum win. Compared to other casinos offering the same game, Coinroll’s max win is up to 20x smaller. For example, at the time of writing, BitDice and PRCDice offer maximum wins of up to 168 BTC while Coinroll’s maximum is less than a Bitcoin. Another very noticeable downside is the lack of a chat-box to communicate with other players. Most players on dice sites consider rolling the dice just half of the fun; the community being the other half. The absence of an active administrator in the bitcoin community and poor advertising also contribute to the low activity on the website. The lack of a faucet also shoos away many potential players. If playing manual isn’t your thing, Coinroll has developed an API for players to use to make their own bots that bet automatically. For most a built-in auto-bet feature is preferred, and the API is only useful for those with prior coding knowledge.


The odd system does prove further that the system was made to be simple, but for advanced players being simple and easy is not as important as having features. Coinroll provides two ways to choose your odds. The first is the big bar that when clicked, drops down 8 common odds to choose from. At the bottom of the 8 options is a small input box that allows you to enter in any number from 1 to 64000. The second way to choose your bet is right beside the roll button, where a slider drops down. Although the slider and dropdown menus are attractive, for dicers who bet more swiftly, these options are not very convenient, and choosing exactly what multiplier you want can be quite a pain. If you aren’t very match saavy, the 1 to 64000 option can also be quite confusing.


Being one of the very first dice sites to ever exist in the world of cryptocurrencies, Coinroll has had no trouble proving their system was fair. The bankroll is privately funded unlike the majority of casinos, which may have not been the best decision considering the maximum win explained above. The actual betting is extremely transparent itself. The top navigation bar leads you to the Verification page, that informs you how the provably fair system works, along with manual bet verification. The right bar links downloads to various documents, such as secrets, hashes of the secrets, all bets, deposits, etc. Generally Coinroll has proven to be very trustworthy for many years, and their verification page gives us even more confidence.


Financials is Coinroll’s biggest downside, which weighs down the experience of the casino from its potential. Since the site’s launch, Coinroll has been privately operated and funded by the lone admin. This alone is not a negative thing, as proved by Primedice and their impressive maximum win. But with a low max win of 0.8 BTC the financials affect the players, which in turn affects the operators. This can become a big worry for players when choosing to play with strategies such as martingale. If you only play small amounts for fun, and you don’t worry about winning a lot, Coinroll might be more suitable than someone who plays the game a little more seriously.

Personal opinion is not a unique website, as it shares the same game as several, maybe even hundreds of other casinos. The lack of competition in basic features such as a faucet, auto-bet, and even a chat reasons players to deposit to a different casino that can provide these features. Although the admin seems trustworthy thus far, the involvement with the community is not there and the support isn’t great. Another big piece missing is the community itself. While having a good history, the casino hasn’t established a group of players that regularly play. Coinroll may have been a great casino to play on three years ago, but with casino’s moving forward with technology, Coinroll’s still-life technology may leave the casino dragging behind further and further for the coming years. In my opinion, if you want to play dice there are much better options out there. In the end, Coinroll seems like old stuff that has been left behind.


The trustworthy and clean-looking casino is great if you have a smaller amount you want to gamble quickly just for fun. The lack of a chat, auto-bet, community, and faucet make the game less enjoyable. The odds are fair and same goes for each roll. Compared to newer casinos, you would be better off playing on a different dice site.

Update (April 24, 2017)

Since the beginning of 2016, the site has been performing pretty poorly. The site gets nowhere near as much traffic as it used to get, and the bets reflect that.

Sadly, the site hasn’t changed much since we first published this review in 2014; meanwhile, other Bitcoin gambling sites have continued to innovate

Hopefully Coinroll picks up its game soon.

Coinroll Bonuses

Coinroll does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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Coinroll Features

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April 2013

Registration Requirements

No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Just one game: Dice

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Provably Fair

Coinroll is a provably fair casino

Lowest House Edge

Not available

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Coinroll is no longer operating

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