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From the first couple of seconds on the site, the first observation is that the site is packed — and I mean packed — with features. After opening the dice tab, you can see that you have the opportunity to gamble in three currencies (BTC, LTC and play money). Under each currency, you have three more options: a 1% house edge, 2% edge or 3%. So why would anyone want to play on a higher house edge, you ask? Well, the max profit on each bet gets higher and higher as the edge goes up.

Playing the game can be confusing at first. The betting area is big, and has many small buttons that you might not recognise. They allow you do double, half your bet, change the odds percentage in intervals of 5%, adjust the payout, etc. Betting itself has a fair speed, but you have to scroll down each after each roll to check its result — this can be very annoying to do over and over. Both auto-betting and “robot”-betting features are available. “Robot” betting gambles as many times as you want, instantly. Auto-betting is just as other sites, bet by bet but the input credentials are calculated automatically and bets are all automatic. Both features let you choose exactly how you want them to run, with several options.


The appearance of the website is beautiful. The site is intelligently colour-coded and the font chosen fits well. Although, the fancy buttons and transitions often slow down the site to a frustrating level of slow-ness. The site also crams all of the site pages onto the left-hand navigation sidebar, which isn’t necessarily needed when playing the game. When clicking the sidebar, the site can stall and lag for up to 20 seconds before loading, even on a fast computer with a decent connection.

Being the bank

Investing is one section that dicenow polished right down to the core. A simple click of the tab on the left, and you’ll see tons of options. You can invest BTC or LTC simultaneously, invest with leverage, and choose your house edge. Under the options to invest are great charts showing statistics for every single day the site has been up. Overall the site has been profiting very well across all coins and house edges.

Playing on dicenow has its advantages when it comes to betting/investing volume. Bitcoin dicing allows up to a 43 BTC win per roll — slightly less with a lower edge. Even after losing interest and activity to newer casinos, the numbers stay big enough to compete well.

Managing accounts

Next up is the account management, which is also very transparent and easy to use. Upon visit, it’s easy to set a username and password and an optional email for extra protection. The page shows your deposit history, two factor authentication configuration, and even the ability to transfer money in your account balance over to another user. The “my stats” page shows full statistics, such as betting profit and investment profits.


Proving the game is not rigged is made easy on dicenow. The “fair” tab explains everything about the provably fair mechanism, and makes it easy for newbies to comprehend. It links to an offsite javascript verifier, which is not hard to learn how to use. All information about seeds, hashes, and bets are found right at the bottom of the dice tab. Overall dicenow has built strong trust with the community and has no issues with proving their integrity.

Opinion & summary

Personally, I’ve only played on dicenow three times in my life. Never more, mainly due to the site lag. The downsides I listed above, such as site lag and slow rolls pushed me towards casinos that offer faster bets. The chat is inactive, and the site is packed with many things it doesn’t need.

Dicenow could have been a great website years ago, especially to invest in. Investing has proven to be profitable, but the number of bettors has unfortunately died down due to faults in the site. The administrator chose looks over performance. Overall, a great casino to invest in, a fair casino to play in.

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dicenow does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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