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Diggit.io Review

Diggit.io was an innovative social Bitcoin gaming site offering one minefield-inspired game. Fun for the whole family.

Update (April 24, 2017)

It looks like diggit is permanently down. The website has been offline for several months now, and it’s looking more and more like the site isn’t going to come back.

Diggit was a great game, and will be missed by many.


Diggit.io offers only one game. There is a field made up of 25 squares (a 5×5 grid). A customizable (1-24) number of squares consist of mines and the rest are “win spaces”. The locations of the mines are randomized upon every game. The goal is to dig up as many of the win spaces as you can without hitting a mine. Hitting a mine causes you to lose your initial bet plus any potential winnings you had accumulated from the win spaces. Players can choose when to cash out and receive their winnings.

Diggit.io is a social game, letting players spectate others live and make suggestions on where to dig next. When a player is watching your game, a yellow eye symbol will appear above your game. When players make suggestions on where you should dig, a number will appear on every recommended square indicating how many players suggested each. This can arguably make the game more enjoyable, but if players find it annoying they can disable spectating and gamble in peace.


The odds of hitting a mine are dependent on how many mines there are in the field, and how many win spaces the player has already dug up. For 5 mines, you have a 5 / 25 (20%) chance of hitting a mine in your first dig. For your second dig, the odds increase to 5 / 24 (~21%). However, this can be misleading because the true odds for digging up two win spaces in a five-mine field are actually (20 / 25) * (19 / 24) (~63%). For three digs, the odds of winning are (20 / 25) * (19 / 24) * (18 / 23) (~50%), and so forth. The chance of digging up all 20 non-mine squares is roughly 0.0019%.

There is a low one-percent house edge on every bet. This edge is applied to every dig, as technically each dig is actually an independent bet.


All Diggit.io games are mathematically provably fair in a way that makes it impossible for the site to cheat by shuffling after the game has started, or by shuffling the field in a way that is favorable to the casino. You can learn more about this by visiting the help section of the website.

The casino has provided proof of funds by verifying ownership of the cold wallet address 1AqGXXoF. Although nothing points to Diggit.io being a scam, The Bitcoin Strip advises you to exercise due diligence when investing as the casino is new and the owner has no reputation.


Launched in December 2014, Diggit.io has managed to raise a whopping 900 BTC bankroll from investors within its first few weeks of operation. At the time of writing, this translates to a maximum profit of 15 BTC in a single bet.

The owner started as the second-largest investor with a 325 BTC share; user oldmate being the largest with 450 BTC. Combined, the pair are responsible for the majority of the bankroll. Any user can invest in Diggit.io by navigating to the “Invest” tab on the website. Players are able to leverage their investments by choosing a Kelly factor between 0.5x and 2.5x. The minimum investment is 0.1 BTC. Each week, the site owner deducts a 10% commission on net investment profits. However, if investors suffered a loss during this period, no commission is charged.


Diggit.io provides a unique and enjoyable interactive Bitcoin gaming experience. The website design is impressive and unrivalled, and performs outstandingly well on mobile and tablet browsers. The chat box is surprisingly active for such a new website, with an expanding friendly community. Diggit.io welcomes new players with a generous RainBot which gives away 10,000 satoshi every ten minutes. We welcome the casino to the Bitcoin gaming world and hope to see it flourish.

In the interest of transparency and integrity, I disclose that I am a large stakeholder of Diggit.io, although I have tried to not let it effect my writing.

Diggit.io Bonuses

Diggit.io does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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Diggit.io Features

Launch Date

December 2, 2014

Registration Requirements

Personal ID required to withdraw


Just one game: Casual Games

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

Diggit.io is not provably fair

Lowest House Edge

Not available

Diggit.io Player Reviews


Diggit.io is not active on TheBitcoinStrip.com


Diggit.io is no longer operating.

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