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The five games are Bonus Dice, Slide Dice, Double or Nothing, Chart Bet, and Fair Fruit. Let’s go through each one one-by-one.

The games

Double or Nothing was the first game to be developed and released. The game is easy to learn and play, yet incredibly fun. There are two colours to choose: red and green. The point of the game is to choose which colour is going to pop-up next, each with a 50% chance. If you choose the wrong colour, you lose the bet. If you win, you have a pending balance of 2x your bet. You then have the option to double your winnings, or lose everything. Example: You wager 0.01 BTC on red. Red kicks. So now you have the option to cash-out with 0.02 BTC, or double up to try and get to 0.04 BTC. So you click green, and the colour is green. You cash-out with 0.04 BTC, a decent 4x win.

Next is Fair Fruit. Fair Fruit is a very simple slot game. The payouts are fair, and the game can be fun to some. Upon any two fruits of the same kind, you get a free spin. If slots are your thing, Fair Fruit is what you want.

The third game released on FastBets is Chart Bet. This game has a razor thin edge of only 0.2%. Think of it as a market simulator, except extremely sped up. You buy into one of the three different stocks, and hope that the chart goes up. You can cashout or buy-in at any time. Detailed real-time stats are shown below, along with advanced options to set a custom speed and volatility. There are yellow, red, and purple stocks. Yellow goes up and down the least, red a little more, and then purple which goes up and down rapidly.

The final two games are both variations of the classic dice game: Bonus Dice and Slide Dice. Slide Dice is dice with a slider to adjust the odds and payout. This makes betting easier and friendlier. Bonus Dice is twisted version of dice, making it even more fun. You bet, and get a payout based on what range the number landed in. Example: Rolling a number from 0-60 loses your bet, a number from 60-90 doubles your bet, and 90-100 quadruples your bet. The risks and odds can be manually chosen as well.

Each of the games on FastBets are innovative, unique, exceptionally fun, and easy to play.

The bank

Having a lone admin like other casinos, financials are not the greatest. Oddly, unlike other casinos, instead of having a variable maximum bet, the administrator decided on a maximum deposit instead. I do not know why. At this point, the maximum win is 0.2 BTC, although it can change from time to time based on the bankroll. After talking with the owners, he reported that there is 10 BTC in the hot wallet, but many more stored in the case of a big winner.

Fairness is clearly a top priority for the admin at FastBets. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page for each game, are transparent views of all the information you need to verify your bets. Given are the client seed, server seed, server seed hash, and an external link to enter this information and verify everything. Trust is not a problem on FastBets.

The site

Fun is the word that perfectly describes FastBets. The appearance of the site is nothing like you have ever seen before. Performance sure does well, but the looks wows anybody that gives a visit. The games are designed well, and everything comes together to give you a great casino experience. Overall FastBets is a top-notch casino and enjoyable for all except high rollers.

FastBets Bonuses

FastBets does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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FastBets Features

Launch Date

September 2014

Registration Requirements

Registration required, but anonymous


Casual Games, Dice, Slots

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

FastBets is not provably fair


FastBets has a Bitcoin faucet

Lowest House Edge


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FastBets Rankings

Casino Rank #100

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FastBets Rating


FastBets Features

  • Several unique games to choose from
  • "Chart bet" game has a low house edge of 0.2%
  • Community chat
Casino Rank #103

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