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Rollin Review is a very interesting site offering a single dice-inspired game. This Bitcoin game boasts many features, including a daily lottery, weekly giveaway, botting and a levels system. We’ll go into that later, but let’s first see what it’s all about.

Rollin operates in mBTC (for those uninformed, one milibitcoin is equal to 0.001 BTC). The game is dice-inspired, and to win you’ll need to predict if the number rolled is higher or lower than X.

One of the first things I noticed was a button that said “Free Bitcoins.” Most websites don’t offer a faucet, and even if they do, it’s usually fake bitcoins (or credits, whatever they call them) and you can’t earn anything from them. If you’re beginning, your level is only 1, which means you get just 0.002 mBTC from each click. The faucet has a 5-minute cool-down period and can only be used when your balance drops below 0.0001 mBTC.


Of course, before you invest any actual bitcoin into a website, you’ll want to verify its legitimacy. As with most Bitcoin casinos nowadays, Rollin uses a provable fairness mechanism to prove that the result of each bet was predetermined and fair. To verify your bets, you’ll want to go to the “My Bets” tab, and click on a bet. To verify your game, go to the bottom of the screen and click “verify game”. Rollin gives an explanation on how to verify it yourself and how it comes up with the number. As follows, this is what they say:

Before the player rolls, we generate a random string of characters on the server used as the “server seed”. A hash of the server seed is shown to the player (to prove we can’t change the server seed). We create the server hash by combining the server seed and random seed together. The player provides his own random client seed. We combine the server seed and client seed to generate the seed that will be used for the Mersenne Twister shuffle. This will generate a random number between 0-99. At the end of the roll, the server seed and random seed are revealed. The player can now verify the fairness of the roll by using the server seed and the client seed.

TheBitcoinStrip has independently verified the authenticity of Rollin’s provable fairness and its hosted bet verifier. Now that we know they’re not scamming us, we can explore all the other features!


If you haven’t noticed yet, there are bots on Rollin! Click on the button next to “Roll lower than 50”, and a nice little screen will pop up.

The bot rolls for you, and will use a martingale strategy to increase your wager after a loss. You can select how much you initially want to bet, your prediction, win chance, and what to do upon winning and losing. It’s also possible to limit how much you want the bot to bet — you don’t want that thing running 24/7 and losing all your bitcoin!

The auto-betting feature for Rollin is yet another very handy and neat feature.


Rollin has a system that rewards long-time players with a lower house edge and more free Bitcoins. Every play begins on level 1, and as you advance by wagering, you’ll earn bigger faucet payouts and lower house edges.

To reach level 2, you’ll need to turnover 0.5 BTC. Sadly, for the casual small-time gambler, this is a bit much, but if you enjoy dice it won’t take long to reach. Each level brings the house edge down by 0.02%, which is nice, because it gives you a very slim chance of winning. The price may be justifiable, but to get to level 3, you’ll need to wager a whole bitcoin. It doesn’t account for losses and wins, but for an experienced gambler, you could reach this pretty easily.

Weekly Giveaway

The giveaway happens once every week, and the top 8 finishers take home a total of 1000mBTC. Players who finish in these top 8 places can do whatever they like with the winnings, and full details can be found on the website. There’s no ticket entry for this tournament, the winners are selected by the total amount wagered. Once the tournament has finished for the week, each player’s wager total is reset and the race starts again!

A Definite Must-See. may only have a single game, but to keep thing interesting they offer many ways to earn free bitcoin and win even more. The website itself is clean, well-maintained and easy to access, and it has great support and a great community in the chat box. You can tell that its one game has had lots of effort put into it, but in the future they may want to add a few more to keep it interesting.

Rollin Bonuses

Rollin does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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Rollin Features

Launch Date

June 1, 2014

Registration Requirements

No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Just one game: Dice

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

Rollin is a provably fair casino

Lowest House Edge


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Rollin Rankings

Casino Rank #46 Rating

65 Features

  • Low house edge
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Community chat
Casino Rank #47

Rollin Rating


Rollin Features

  • Bitcoin faucet
  • No sign up required - totally anonymous
  • Weekly giveaway
Casino Rank #48

Vegas Crest Casino Rating


Vegas Crest Casino Features

  • Top quality casino software providers
  • Progressive jackpots
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Rollin Player Reviews


Rollin is not active on

Reason: is no longer operational

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