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The game is just as the title suggests: Bitcoin minesweeper. In front of you is a 5×5 grid, totalling 25 squares. Upon a new game, mines are randomly placed on the field. For each time you dig up a square with no mine underneath it, you win Bitcoins. As you progress, the value of each square increases as your chances of hitting a mine increase. When you feel you have won enough, you can cash-out and take your winnings. If you hit a mine, you lose your wager plus any unclaimed winnings.

The casino has been since early 2013. Although newer generations of the game have been created with tremendous improvements, many players still prefer the original mother of Bitcoin minesweeper. Unfortunately, betting with Satoshi Mines carries many disadvantages compared to its competitors: the lack of the ability to fine-tune the number of mines on the field, the bland design, no chat window, no investing — and the list goes on.

Poor funding

The game has no public statistics or numbers available. Not on the main page, not in the FAQ; nowhere. All we know is that the minimum bet is 300 satoshis, and the maximum bet is 1 BTC. But although the maximum bet is claimed to be 1 BTC, when playing a 24-mines field, an error message pops up saying that the maximum bet for the 24-mine game is only 0.1 BTC. This makes the maximum profit only 2.304 BTC. This is the sad outcome of a poorly-funded private bankroll.


Having played the old version of Satoshi Mines several times, I can say that the game can be fun, and does not get boring. Satoshi Mines can be a very thrilling and addictive game, but the casino fails to reach its full potential. The game has many disadvantages, missing features, and missing necessities that take down the game in whole. No chat, a poor betting layout, withdrawal problems, and no accounts are all factors. For me, Satoshi Mines is to be played solely for its fun, and is not to be relied on for day-to-day gambling.

Update (Feb 2017)

I would stay far away from Satoshi Mines. Since posting this negative review, they seem to have disabled or throttled my affiliate account. Shady as shit.

There are so many better sites out there, so don’t even bother…

Update (April 24, 2017)

Satoshi-Mines is still a bad casino.

Satoshi Mines Bonuses

Satoshi Mines does not currently offer any Bitcoin bonuses to its players!
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Satoshi Mines Features

Launch Date

June 2015

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No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Just one game: Casual Games

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

Satoshi Mines is a provably fair casino

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Not available

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Casino Rank #123

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Satoshi Mines Rating


Satoshi Mines Features

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