Crypto-Games Review is a casino offering two games: Dice and Slots.

  • Wagered: 45,912 BTC
  • Bets: 1,060,053,630
  • Dice, Slots
  • Verified provably fair
  • Max profit: 4.00 BTC
  • Bankroll: 1,750 BTC
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We rated this casino 2/5.

TheBitcoinStrip's review of Crypto-Games

Both games are available in four different cryptocurrencies, and an alternate currency known as "Play Money", a currency holding no value. Available are the three most common cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Absurdly, the last altcoin added is the widely unknown DarkGold, a coin only added for promotion purposes it seems.

Dice is the normal dice you see everywhere. The house edge is a low 1%, there’s an auto-betting feature, and roll speeds are fair. Instead of the classic layout where bets are shown underneath everything else, bet history is displayed on the right hand side. When betting, there is a small split-second lag between the click and the outcome. In fact, the bets take so long to show up that you can see if you won or lost faster by looking at your account balance.

Crypto-Games' Slots is the better of the pair for sure. Currently there is one single "fruits" game option. Nothing is new: same symbols, and similar payouts. Slots still has its flaws. The way you place your bet is different: you can either add or decrease your bet in bits by either 10, 100, or 1000. This means if you’re wanting to place a bet of 1350 bits, it could take you several clicks and some time to do that. There is no double, half, or maximum bet buttons which is yet another disappointment. To make things brighter, a sound is played upon each spin of the slot, and upon each visit an upbeat song that really brings up the mood.

Beauty, or lack thereof

The appearance can be accurately described in one word: hideous. If the designer meant to make it look something pulled straight from the 80’s, then he's done a good job. The font is overused, buttons and tabs are extremely bland-looking, and generally everything about the site seems rushed. Not to mention, I found countless spelling mistakes in the first few minutes on the site. Even the color scheme isn't a pretty one.

Fairness & funding

Trustworthiness may as well be the one thing that users like. The provably fair tab not only provides everything needed to verify your bets, but also a somewhat clear explanation on how numbers are generated. An initiative was taken further to create a YouTube video explaining the provable fairness.

Financials were very similar to the looks: terrible as well. Although exact stats aren’t shown, the maximum surprises everybody, even poor faucet users. In one roll, no more than 0.1 Bitcoins can be won. The payout is similar for altcoins as well, being able to win only 6 LTC, 70K Doge, or 70 DarkGold. This is a massive inconvenience for all betters and is one of the many factors that repels players away from becoming regular players.



I am not a person known to be rude, but rather someone to be honest. Although I may come across as rude, I am completely honest when I say that Crypto-Games is a bad casino. All-round, I am much better off flipping a coin with my wife for $20 rather than playing on this website. Everything is a negative, from the financials, to the looks, to the countless spelling mistakes and more. I played on Crypto-Games and even the community was unimpressive. Instead of the usual chat, the creator was lazy enough to put in a web plugin that connects users via an embedded IRC channel. This site is a “wow” from me, and not in a good way.

Nothing seems to be on the positive side of the list of things I’ve covered and reviewed. The games are nothing new, and even then aren’t well recreated. The looks aren’t very appealing, the maximum win is tiny, and even the chat could’ve be done well. The fact that an advertisement is shown on the front page explains a lot for itself. Generally speaking gamblers have much better options to choose over Crypto-Games when choosing where to play.

Score: 2 out of 5.

Published March 20, 2015

Things to remember about Crypto-Games:

  • Two games: Dice, Slots.
  • No sign up required (completely anonymous).
  • Launched in August, 2014.
  • The jackpot is 4 BTC.
  • Over 1.06 billion bets.
  • Crypto-Games is a provably fair casino.
  • Takes deposits in BTC, DOGE, LTC, DASH, GRC, FSC2, ETH, PPC, GAME.
  • Over $98,871,492 USD (45,912 BTC) has been gambled here.
  • They have a bankroll of approx. $3,768,625 USD.
  • More info from their forum thread here.
  • These statistics were last updated 2 weeks ago.

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Wagered statistics for Crypto-Games
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We rated this casino 2/5.


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