Verge Casinos
Nick Hawke
Nick Hawke
April 18 2018

Verge Casinos

The cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG), recently made global headlines after becoming the first coin to be accepted as a payment option on Verge is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses a range of new cryptographic technologies to allow users to make peer-to-peer and anonymous transactions. Anonymous transactions have an obvious benefit to those who wish to keep their spending habits private, and this privacy is alluring to many in the online casino market. There are other privacy cryptocurrencies available for casino gambling, including Monero and zCash, however for the purposes of this article the focus will remain on Verge.

Verge Fundamentals

Many users who wish to gamble with cryptocurrencies are also looking for the potential upside of the coin as an investment. This article should not be treated as investment advice, however it will provide some insight into the fundamentals of Verge and how it could provide a return on investment to those who hold it.

Verge Casinos

Following the partnership of Verge and PornHub, XVG has gained a great deal of attention from the gambling market. As it currently stands, none of the casinos listed on accept the Verge cryptocurrency for deposits or withdrawals, however this page will be updated immediately once such news comes to light. The benefits of using Verge for both casinos and players alike cannot be underestimated, and may well improve upon Bitcoin due to the lower fees and faster transaction times that Verge provides.

Verge Wallets

If you are looking to start using XVG then the best place to begin is by downloading a wallet. These wallets all operate on the Tor network and are available on the following platforms:

A Verge wallet for iOS is expected to be released soon.

Once a Verge wallet has been downloaded, users can purchase XVG at any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. It is then advised that the coins are moved from an exchange to your newly downloaded Verge wallet for security purposes.

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