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The following list of Bitcoin casinos do not require any form of registration from the player. This is a unique benefit of Bitcoin and its “permissionless” usage, allowing players to deposit at a casino without interference from bank or government. This section will go into further detail about no registration Bitcoin casinos, as well as a list of the very best casinos offering this function.

How can a Bitcoin casino be “no registration”?

In the traditional casino market, payments are processed through banks that often have strict controls on gambling transactions. These controls make it difficult for a player to deposit at a casino without filling out lengthy registration forms and – in some cases – submitting proof of address and ID. Bitcoin side-steps these forms because all transactions are “peer to peer” with no central authority. In this way, a Bitcoin casino can simply register a player’s account on arrival at their website, providing them with a Bitcoin deposit address to allow them to get started immediately.

How does instant registration work?

Instant registration generates a random username for your player account the moment you arrive at the website. Your login is then generated either as a browser cookie or through the use of a unique URL which can be used to gain access to your wallet. Some instant registration casinos will require that you create a username, but nothing more.

Of course, for security purposes it is advisable to attach a password to your account. Whilst email is optional, submitting an email address when signing up to one of these Bitcoin casinos will ensure that your account can be recovered should you lose access. Instant registration makes the casino experience seamless, and thanks to Bitcoin, this option is becoming more widely available than ever before.

Is Bitcoin gambling truly anonymous?

No registration Bitcoin casinos are often used by players looking to side-step local regulation. Of course, players must do this at their own risk, and they must also be aware that Bitcoin is not – as so many claim – all that anonymous. The reason for this is that all Bitcoin transactions are stored publicly on the blockchain. Whilst transactions do not record any personal information, if enough transactions are made to particular addresses, it is possible that some identifiable information about the user becomes available. This risk is low, and can be largely mitigated through the use of a new Bitcoin address for all deposits and withdrawals.

Compared to fiat currency, Bitcoin is far more anonymous. However, those looking for complete anonymity should consider a cryptocurrency like Monero.

Best no registration Bitcoin casinos

Now that you’re familiar with playing at a Bitcoin casino with “no registration”, let’s take a look at some of the best in the market. These Bitcoin casinos typically use proprietary software, as 3rd party software from the likes of Microgaming, SoftSwiss and PlayTech all require that the players are identified by the casino. That said, some of the proprietary software at these Bitcoin casinos can be extremely impressive; particularly the casino software from Bitsler, and NitrogenSports.

Top 10 Bitcoin Casinos in October, 2018

The following list of no registration Bitcoin casinos have been reviewed and edited by our professional gamblers with years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. Player reviews are also available. Our list is rated from best to worst, scored out of 100.

Casino Rank #8

MegaWins Rating


MegaWins Features

  • VIP Программа
  • Огромный список бонусов
  • Регулярные турниры
Casino Rank #19

Nitrogen Sports Rating


Nitrogen Sports Features

  • Спортивные ставки помолом казино
  • Уникальные казино игры
  • Высокая степень доверия
  • Сообщество с чатом
Casino Rank #28 Rating

70 Features

  • High quality proprietary games
  • Unique twist on Bitcoin gambling
  • Dice, Minesweeper and Slot games
Casino Rank #29

Bitcoin Games Rating


Bitcoin Games Features

  • Без регистрации
  • Честно доказуемые игры
  • Большой выбор игр
  • Высокая степень доверия
  • Только Биткоины
Casino Rank #29

KingDice Rating


KingDice Features

  • Абсолютная анонимность - регистрация не требуется
  • Возможность инвестировать в платформу
  • Выигрыши до 2 биткоинов
Casino Rank #37 Rating

65 Features

  • Низкая доля казино
  • Мультивалютность
  • Чат сообщества
Casino Rank #42

SafeDice Rating


SafeDice Features

  • Очень низкая доля казино (0.5%)
  • Отличный пользовательский интерфейс
  • Биткоины и Монеро
Casino Rank #44

PrimeDice Rating


PrimeDice Features

  • Сайт на кости с высокой репутацией
  • Основан в 2014
  • Простой пользовательский интерфейс
Casino Rank #45

777Coin Rating


Одна из самых долгосуществующих анонимных платформ для Биткоин казино, 777Coin, имеет уникальные игровые предложения, высокую безопасность и миллионы «доказуемо справедливых» побед.

777Coin Features

  • Простой биткоин беттинг
  • Мультивалютность
  • Набор уникальных биткоин игр
Casino Rank #48

bustabit Rating


bustabit Features

  • Простая и очень популярная игра
  • Биткоин игры для пуристов
  • Возможность инвестировать

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