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Play Bitcoin Crash at any of the casinos listed below. All of these casinos accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. So what are you waiting for? Find the best casino and start playing this timeless Bitcoin gambling game!

Stake Rating


A beautifully crafted and provably fair Bitcoin gaming site from the team that brought you PrimeDice

Stake Features

  • 12 bespoke games, all uniquely designed
  • Fun and charming design style with experience points and rewards
  • 24/7 live support

Trust Dice Rating


Trust Dice is an innovative Bitcoin gambling platform that is truly anonymous, with cutting edge games and a multi-token faucet where gamblers can earn free Bitcoin and other tokens.

Trust Dice Features

  • Innovative Games
  • Bitcoin Faucet
  • Anonymous

BC Game Rating


BC Game Features

  • One of the best Bitcoin crash games
  • Faucet and bonuses await!
  • Live chat with rain feature

CrashBTC Rating

info is a Bitcoin site revolves around the latest online Bitcoin gambling rage called Crash. Gamblers will find themselves enthralled at the exhilaration this simple game brings to the online Bitcoin gambling market.

CrashBTC Features

  • Original crash game style
  • House edge between 0 and 1%
  • Generous Faucet

NanoGames Rating


NanoGames is a fair and impartial prediction and guessing platform that aims to eliminate all unfair factors involved in gambling and allowing players to feel comfortable and enjoy the fun.

NanoGames Features

  • In-game Chat
  • Provably Fair
  • Many Bonuses on Offer

bustabit Rating


bustabit Features

  • Simple and hugely popular game
  • Bitcoin gambling for purists
  • Investing available

A money pot type of game called Crash has become increasingly popular amongst Bitcoin users. Bitcoin Crash games were first introduced by and have since gained in popularity to become one of the most sort-after online Bitcoin games around.

Bitcoin Crash is an online multiplayer gambling game that features an increasing curve that can crash at any time. The ride is fun and exhilarating as well as potentially highly profitable.

Slowly the number of games available are increasing to fulfill the needs of avid crash fundi’s. All these Bitcoin gambling games are provably fair and transparent which is all any gambler can ask for. This format of gambling also offers highly competitive house edge limits that favor the gambler.

Bitcoin Crash Gameplay

The concept is extremely simple. Players place a bet then watch the curve go up with multiplier increases. Gamblers can then cash out any time to get their bet multiplied by that multiplier. The trick is to cash out before the curve randomly crashes, ending the round. The players that cashed out on time get paid depending on the value the multiplier they had before they opted out. For those not so lucky they forfeit their potential winnings. It can also happen that the game fails as soon as it starts, causing everyone to lose instantly, but it could also potentially fail to crash.

This crashing of the value is calculated through an algorithm that begins working to increase the house edge from 0.1% all the way to 1% thus allowing the site to prosper.
The gambler that opts out at the last minute before the crash receives the most significant Bitcoin rewards.

Best Bitcoin Crash Games

While was the original Bitcoin Crash site and remains one of the top offerings, there have been a few more that have come on to the scene to offer even more adrenaline-charged gambling action.

Bustabit, as we mentioned was the trailblazer for Bitcoin Crash game. The site provides plenty of gambling fun whether gamblers are betting big or small. The game never fails to provide thrills. The chat box is active and friendly.

Bustabit is fast-paced action and quick crashes make for a very exciting game. The site also allows players to bring the house edge down to zero. With an active administrator, the game is rapidly growing and being extended upon. The best features also include a razor-thin house edge.

NanoGames is a provably fair crash game using Bitcoin and a few other currencies. It guarantees fast deposits and withdraws, along with live support standing by to help 24/7. They also provide contact through their Discord server or via a support ticket.

There are extremely high multipliers exceeding 10000x which indicates that wins could potentially be astronomical in size. In the chat of the site, you can access a script to calculate probabilities, median, longest streaks and all kinds of other statistics, etc. which can be useful if you want to bet with a certain strategy. The site also offers a Faucet to earn cryptocurrency.

Another new Bitcoin Crash game site that also accepts a few cryptocurrencies. This site is based on 99% luck and 1% skill according to their site. All games are guaranteed to be provably fair and generate random outcomes. The site also takes security seriously and payments are handled efficiently and swiftly.
There are also weekly bonuses given to players that have won and lost the most.


CrashBTC offers real-time play for gambling fundi’s. Interested parties will also find their strategy guide an added bonus to maximize Bitcoin winning opportunities as well as a keen house edge. They also reward 3 Bits (a Bit is a millionth of a Bitcoin or 100Satoshis) every hour for free.

The casino accepts deposits in Bitcoin and the money will be instantly available. In terms of withdrawals, smaller withdrawals are instant, while larger ones can take up to 24 hours to process.

The site has a betting limit of 1 000 000 Bits and there is a bonus for the last player to crash out in time.

EliteCrash is licensed by Bustabit and is a unique variant of the original crash game. The site offers a super tight house edge and a 5% social bonus for each game. They also have an additional Fat Cat progressive bonus which they state gives players a new approach to getting an edge.
The casino accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum for deposits and withdrawals which are fast and secure. The sites faucet is in the process of being redesigned but will be available in the near future.

How To Beat Bitcoin Crash

Beating Bitcoin Crash has a lot to do with odds. If gamblers are playing by themselves against the computer or against a host of other players, they have a 1% chance of busting instantly as the round starts.

Many versions of this game offer bonuses, which is usually the house edge (1%) of the total amount wagered. This bonus is usually rewarded to the last gambler to withdraw before the crash. Should that player be the only aggressive player it could be extremely rewarding.

However, if there are several fervent players a good idea is to consider exiting slightly early hoping that the others will bust, thereby landing with the bonus. This is considered intuitive gambling. It can be tricky to pull off as it is all about timing as there will still be players that are going to give up a lot earlier, and they could end up with pool if the gambler holding out goes bust but if the gambler gives up their hand and take the winnings there is also the possibility that a more tenacious player will take the prize.

Bitcoin Crash FAQs

Are crash games provably fair?

Bitcoin Crash gambling sites use a specific algorithm to recreate the outcome, thus proving that it was indeed random. The algorithm usually takes hashes from both the server and the client base and runs them through to reach a conclusion.

How much can you win playing Bitcoin crash?

There is no real limit. It all depends on how big the bet and how much conviction the gambler is playing with as well as predicting the perfect time to opt out. The gambler who opts out closest to the curve crashing wins the healthiest amount of money.
Site servers will sometimes automatically cash out, forcing an early win, if facing a certain loss percentage of the bankroll.

What crash games have the best RTP?

These games tend to offer a very good RTP as their house edge is so marginal. The sites can have as much as 99.9% RTP. The lower the house edge the higher the RTP generally.

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