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Fast Deposits and Withdrawals at these Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Intro to Bitcoin Cash Gambling

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for use in gambling due to the low cost nature of its transactions. The Bitcoin Cash protocol also allows for a larger block size than Bitcoin, directly increasing the number of transactions that can be processed every 10 minutes. Bitcoin often suffers from a backlog of transactions due to its 1mb block size limit, requiring hours or even days for a transaction to be processed. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand, can be used in “zero confirmation” transactions whereby casino deposits are accepted instantly. Due to the greater capacity of Bitcoin Cash, there is no “transaction fee market” where users compete with one another to have their transaction included in a block. This means that a player depositing at a casino can do so with a transaction fee of just a few cents, as opposed to several dollars using Bitcoin.

A number of casinos have now enabled Bitcoin Cash as a banking method. Our list of the best Bitcoin Cash casinos can be found below, and we will update this list as and when new casinos enter the market.

Top 14 Bitcoin Casinos in June, 2018

Below you can find the very best crypto casinos offering Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals!

FortuneJack Rating


FortuneJack Features

  • Players welcome from all 7 continents
  • BTC, ETH and more cryptos accepted
  • Immediate withdrawals
  • 2500+ casino games to play now!

Betchain Rating


Betchain Features

  • Exclusive bonus for TheBitcoinStrip visitors
  • Founded 2014
  • Multiple currencies
  • VIP program
  • Huge library of games
  • Many languages supported
  • Enticing bonus offers

Betcoin Rating


Betcoin is one of the leading providers of exciting Bitcoin software, delivering casino, poker, sports and dice games, as well as substantial bonus offers.

Betcoin Features

  • Leading anonymous casino
  • Several high quality games
  • Active Bitcoin poker room
  • Enticing welcome offers
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted
  • VIP program and rakeback

BitStarz Rating


BitStarz Features

  • Hugely respected Bitcoin casino
  • Popular "Slot Wars" and "Table Wars" promotions
  • Highly trusted
  • Large range of casino games
  • Long standing Bitcoin casino

CryptoWild Rating


CryptoWild Features

  • VIP club with up to 10% cashback
  • 1000+ casino games
  • Jackpot games

Bitsler Rating


Fast and modern dice site which caters exclusively to cryptocurrency bettors

Bitsler Features

  • One of the most popular Bitcoin casinos
  • Well designed and bespoke set of games
  • Hugely active community chat

SafeDice Rating


SafeDice Features

  • Extremely low house edge (0.5%)
  • Brilliant user interface
  • Bitcoin and Monero accepted

Bitcoin Cash Betting

Unlike Ethereum smart contract betting or entirely anonymous gambling with cryptocurrencies like Monero; Bitcoin Cash doesn’t offer anything particularly unique. The reason that someone may wish to bet with Bitcoin Cash comes down to a few key areas:

  • Transaction fees
  • This aspect will matter more to those wishing to bet at low and micro-stakes. Users can deposit just a couple of dollars at a casino without having an enormous portion of their funds wiped out by transaction fees. In the case of Bitcoin, a casino deposit of less than $200 is typically non-viable as the fee can be in excess of 10%.

  • Speed of deposit
  • If you want to play at casino now, then placing a deposit with Bitcoin Cash would be faster than using Bitcoin. However, if speed of deposit is your primary concern, then Ethereum, DASH or Ripple are typically even faster than BCH.

  • Politics / protest
  • Many Bitcoin users have moved to Bitcoin Cash as a protest against the censorship and control that the Bitcoin Core team and their affiliates have placed on the market. That said, Bitcoin Cash also faces similar issues whereby a handful of extremely wealthy individuals control enormous power over the market.

Ultimately the use of Bitcoin Cash for betting is a personal preference based on speed, cost and security. Other players may be interested in Bitcoin casinos due to their reputation and the currency’s strong security. There are good arguments for using a huge range of cryptocurrencies for betting, from Bitcoin all the way through to Ethereum Classic and even Dogecoin.

Bitcoin Cash FAQs

How did Bitcoin Cash start?

Bitcoin Cash was created in August 2017 when it forked from the original Bitcoin chain. The reason for its fork was simple: increase the block size from 1mb to 8mb to allow for greater transaction throughput. The two years prior to this hard fork were full of hotly contested debates; users, developers and companies attempted to reach an agreement that would enable greater scalability of the Bitcoin blockchain without compromising security or decentralization. Debates turned into bitter fighting and partisanship, which then culminated in the fork of August 2017 and the inception of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin still struggles to scale effectively, and some see Bitcoin Cash as potentially displacing Bitcoin in the years ahead. Those who choose to gamble with Bitcoin Cash may find this thought appealing – as the value of their winnings could be multiplied several fold should BCH take Bitcoin’s place.

How is Bitcoin Cash different to Bitcoin?

When Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin the two coins were – at that time – exactly the same, sharing the same transaction history since the genesis block of Bitcoin on January 3rd 2009. Following the split, the two chains have now gone separate ways, forming their own separate blocks each with a unique set of transactions specific to their blockchain. But the differences go further:

  • Segregated Witness (SegWit)
  • Bitcoin Core managed to reach consensus on “Segregated Witness” in July 2017. This software upgrade allowed for additional capacity onchain by safely removing some data from each block. Segregated Witness also resolved the transaction malleability issue that Bitcoin faced, enabling the introduction of lightning networks. Bitcoin Cash has decided not to implement SegWit, and instead will be scaling their blockchain through block size increases.

  • Development Team
  • Bitcoin Cash have a few dedicated developers compared to Bitcoin which has a team of Core developers and dozens of interested parties contributing code. In this way, Bitcoin Cash lacks technical expertise, and software upgrades like SegWit and Schnorr Signatures are unlikely to be implemented on BCH.

Can you deposit Bitcoin Cash at any Bitcoin casino?

No. Bitcoin Cash is an entirely separate cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. If you were to send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin deposit address at your casino, then the transaction could be lost forever. Be sure to only play at a casino which provides a deposit method for Bitcoin Cash and not just Bitcoin!

Is Bitcoin Cash a scam?

Bitcoin Cash has been spearheaded by a handful of very wealthy men, a couple with somewhat sketchy backgrounds: Roger Ver and Craig Wright. Roger Ver was convicted of selling fertilizer chemicals which can be used in explosives, he also publicly claimed (in a scripted video) that Mt Gox was solvent just months before its collapse. Craig Wright is possibly the most unlikable man in crypto after claiming that he was Satoshi Nakamoto (generating lots of press off the back of zero substance). Craig Wright also tends to swear a lot in his presentations, bullying and belittling others and generating a cult-like following.

Bitcoin Cash is a legitimate cryptocurrency that works and can be used at the Bitcoin Cash casinos listed on this page. In that sense, it is not a scam. However, there is a serious amount of pumping in the market, with highly influential whales calling the shots and centrally planned governance. Bitcoin Cash is here to stay; as a currency it holds a great purpose, but as an investment it is less clear.

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