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Bitcoin games encompass everything from casual games through to casino favorites, such as roulette and blackjack. They’re often very similar to the games found in standard casinos in terms of the rules, however they can often play in a very different way. Some Bitcoin games, such as blackjack, have an element of skill to them, while others are completely down to luck, such as dice and baccarat.

You’ll find that Bitcoin games are often slightly quirky, and this is undoubtedly a big factor in their popularity. While standard casino games can sometimes seem regimented and conformist, Bitcoin games are designed with the end user in mind, meaning that excitement levels are generally that much higher. The overall RTP can also be much higher, as you will see further down this page.

It should also be mentioned that Bitcoin games are incredibly social. While you might sit alone in a standard casino, spinning the roulette wheel, you’ll be able to chat with loads of like-minded Bitcoin gambling fans when you play at a Bitcoin casino. This social aspect really helps to ramp up the enjoyment, and is a key reason why so many are now starting to play Bitcoin games online.

Low House Edge When Playing Bitcoin Games

The fact that Bitcoin games generally have incredibly low house edges is a massive reason behind their popularity. In fact, some Bitcoin games can have a house edge of less than 0.5% – something you’ll almost never find when you play at a regular online casino site. Compare this low house edge to a game of American roulette at a standard casino – the house edge at this game will be over 5%, giving players a much lower chance of ever making a profit when they play. Of course, elements of luck still play a huge part in the gaming process though and even in the Bitcoin world there’s no such thing as a game with guaranteed profits.

There are many reasons why house edges are lower in Bitcoin games, however one of the biggest is the fact that Bitcoin casinos are highly automated places. This lack of a human side reduces the cost associated with staff, and the casino can then pass these savings on to their players. Block chain betting further reduces the requirement for staff members at the casino, and the casino can once again pass on these savings on human resources over to you, the Bitcoin gambler.

Bitcoin Games: Player Favorites

There are loads of different options when it comes to games at Bitcoin gambling sites, however some are slightly more popular than others. This could be because they are more exciting than the norm, or they might have bigger potential prizes. You’ll find details of some of the most popular Bitcoin games when you read below…


Dice is perhaps the game most synonymous with Bitcoin gambling and it is played by huge numbers of players every single day. The general premise of the game is a simple one: you just have to bet that a roll of the dice will be lower or higher than your predetermined point, and if you guess correctly, you’ll win a prize based on the probability of the bet being good. It really is an exceptionally simple game to play and can be picked up in less than a couple of minutes by those new to the game.

Bitsler's Bitcoin dice game

You should also find that the house edge is very competitive when you play Bitcoin dice – it is not uncommon to find a house edge of 0.5%, and nearly all Bitcoin dice sites will offer a house edge of 1% or less. Every game of dice is also an incredibly quick one, so you’ll be able to get through many rolls of the dice per minute, giving you the constant excitement that a good online gambling game should always offer to players. This speed of play can be enhanced further by using the automated betting feature (the above example demonstrates this).

Read our guide on Bitcoin dice casinos.

Top 3 Bitcoin Dice Games in October, 2019

We manually review all of the Dice games listed on this site and have picked out our top 3 below!

FortuneJack Rating


FortuneJack Features

  • Players welcome from all 7 continents
  • BTC, ETH and more cryptos accepted
  • Immediate withdrawals
  • 2500+ casino games to play now!

Stake Rating


A beautifully crafted and provably fair Bitcoin gaming site from the team that brought you PrimeDice

Stake Features

  • 12 bespoke games, all uniquely designed
  • Fun and charming design style with experience points and rewards
  • 24/7 live support

Betcoin Rating


Betcoin is one of the leading providers of exciting Bitcoin software, delivering casino, poker, sports and dice games, as well as substantial bonus offers.

Betcoin Features

  • Leading anonymous casino
  • Several high quality games
  • Active Bitcoin poker room
  • Enticing welcome offers
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted
  • VIP program and rakeback

Casual Games

There’s no other way to say it: casual games are some of the most enjoyable games you’ll find anywhere online. There’s no need to spend ages learning the rules either, as the gameplay is generally incredibly easy to pick up, meaning you’ll be able to start playing – and hopefully winning – almost straightaway. There are many different casual games for you to choose from (a couple of them are discussed in the next paragraph), so it’s down to you to play them all and decide which of them is best for you.

A couple of fantastic casual games can be found at Bitsler, and these games are Multicolor and Caraycruz. The former of these games sees you selecting a color and then spinning a wheel. You’ll then be hoping that the wheel lands on the color you’ve selected – something that will lead to you winning a cash prize. Caraycruz is equally as simple to play, as you’ll just have to predict which combination will be revealed, out of a possible four different combinations. The amount of money you can win when playing both of these games can be significant, and you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that they are both provably fair.

See all available casual Bitcoin games. casual Bitcoin games

Top 3 Bitcoin Casual Games Games in October, 2019

Sit back and unwind with some delightful casual Bitcoin games – available at any of these top 3 casinos!

Stake Rating


A beautifully crafted and provably fair Bitcoin gaming site from the team that brought you PrimeDice

Stake Features

  • 12 bespoke games, all uniquely designed
  • Fun and charming design style with experience points and rewards
  • 24/7 live support

TrueFlip Rating


TrueFlip is an innovative online Bitcoin casino that purports to be the first true blockchain casino that offers excellent lottery and game option for Bitcoin lovers the world over.

TrueFlip Features

  • 50BTC weekly Bitcoin lottery
  • Unique set of games plus many classics
  • Immediate withdrawals

Bitsler Rating


Fast and modern dice site which caters exclusively to cryptocurrency bettors

Bitsler Features

  • One of the most popular Bitcoin casinos
  • Well designed and bespoke set of games
  • Hugely active community chat


Bitcoin lotteries are becoming more and more popular in the Bitcoin gambling world, and it is clear to see why. After all, how many other types of online gambling games can offer you the chance to win such massive sums of money for such a small investment? What’s more, there is absolutely no skill required at all when it comes to playing lotteries, meaning that even the newest of gamblers could be the one to walk away with a prize worth many BTC. Of course, the more people there are playing the lottery, the bigger the potential prizes will be, which is why we’d always recommend playing at one of the busier sites.

The premise of the Bitcoin lottery is pretty much the same as any other lottery around the world, in that you’ll need to pick a set amount of numbers and then hope that the numbers you’ve picked match the numbers drawn. Bitcoin lotteries are happening all the time though, so you’ll never find yourself waiting for the next Bitcoin lottery to start – a big reason why lotteries with Bitcoin are so popular among the Bitcoin gambling community. As with all other Bitcoin games, the lottery can also be turned into a highly social experience, as you’ll be able to chat with loads of other gamblers while you’re waiting for the numbers to be called.

View a list of Bitcoin lotteries.

Top 3 Bitcoin Lottery Games in October, 2019

You can strike it lucky at any of these Bitcoin casinos which feature lottery games!

FortuneJack Rating


FortuneJack Features

  • Players welcome from all 7 continents
  • BTC, ETH and more cryptos accepted
  • Immediate withdrawals
  • 2500+ casino games to play now!

DuckDice Rating


DuckDice is a modern casino that was established in 2017. Recently the site went under a transformation which has made it even more of a leader in its field. The layout has been re-worked and a new forum has been introduced for sharing of information for the casino and its visitors.

Other changes to the site include new gambling options as well as the introduction of the Lottery and a brand new Bitcoin game called Sniper.

Players also now have a wider choice of currencies to use to play on this dynamic site.

DuckDice Features

  • Free Bitcoin faucet!
  • Provably fair dice game
  • Community chat and airdrops

Bitcoin Penguin Rating


Highly advanced Bitcoin casino site based out of Costa Rica which offers a great gaming experience

Bitcoin Penguin Features

  • Long standing Bitcoin casino
  • Regular promotions

Bitcoin Games FAQs

What are the minimum and maximum bets for Bitcoin games?

This can really depend on the site you are playing at, however it is generally the case that the minimum you can bet is a sum worth 0.00000001 BTC. The maximum bet is usually somewhere around the 1 BTC mark, however this does vary wildly. Most should find that the maximum is higher than the amount they want to bet though, which ensures that even the high rollers are able to play and enjoy Bitcoin games.

What does provably fair mean?

A game that is provably fair allows the player to check that the turn taken was indeed a completely fair one. This is important, as it ensures that the game is completely transparent, and it also proves that the casino in question is not cheating players. You’ll find a number of provably fair checkers online, and you will find the details you need to input into them, such as your secret hash and client seed, displayed prominently when you play.

You can read more about Provably Fair casinos here.

Why is the house edge lower on some Bitcoin games than others?

It’s simply because of the way the games are designed. Games with low house edges are often those that are synonymous with the Bitcoin gambling world, such as dice, while those with higher house edges are usually the older, more traditional games, such as roulette and blackjack – games that can’t be altered too much, otherwise the overall gameplay will change beyond recognition. You should find that the majority of Bitcoin games have house edges of 1% or lower though, meaning that you always have a good chance of winning.

Can I play Bitcoin games for free?

Yes, you certainly can, and this is thanks to Bitcoin faucets. Many Bitcoin gambling sites will give you small amounts of BTC every day, and you can use these to then play different Bitcoin gambling games. The amount of money you receive from Bitcoin faucets is very low though, so you’ll need to make a deposit if you want to stand any chance of making a meaningful profit when you gamble.

Roulette, Blackjack and Others

When you play at a Bitcoin casino, you will also often find that the more traditional games are also represented. Of these, the most popular is roulette, and you will nearly always find that it’s the European version that is offered – something that means your chances of winning are maximised. Don’t expect to find snazzy graphics and slick animations, as the look and feel of the games are generally quite basic – something that categorises most other Bitcoin gambling games and ensures that everything is kept nice and simple. Every spin of the roulette wheel is also usually a fast one, meaning that you can get in as many spins per hour as possible.

Blackjack is also a very popular game, both in standard casinos and Bitcoin casinos. Just get closer to 21 than the dealer and you’ll find yourself winning a prize. Just like roulette, blackjack fits the mold of the typical Bitcoin game, as it is really simple to play and very easy to learn. Other games you’ll often find offered at Bitcoin casinos include video poker and bingo – two games that are always very popular with online gamblers.

View Bitcoin Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker or Bingo casinos.

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