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Sports Betting with Bitcoin

In the sports betting world, there are many different payment options open to you, from credit/debit cards, all the way through to e-wallets. One payment option that is really starting to become popular though is Bitcoin, and more and more eager gamblers are now using the world’s most popular cryptocurrency to fund their online sports betting activities.

It’s easy to see why Bitcoin is so popular, as it is now accepted at a number of big, mainstream sports betting sites, and punters can use Bitcoin to bet on everything from football through to darts, and soccer through to pool. Esports are particularly popular with those looking to gamble using Bitcoin, and most Bitcoin sportsbooks now have comprehensive esports sections, covering a wide range of different games and markets.

New Bitcoin sportsbooks now seem to be popping up on an almost daily basis, and this can make it tough for you to know which is going to be the best for you. Well, we have a solution to this problem, as we’ll show you the very best Bitcoin sports betting sites on this page. So, if you’re looking for a new place to bet with Bitcoin, all you need to do is look through the list of sites on this page – a list that is constantly being updated, to reflect the fast-moving pace of the Bitcoin gambling world.

Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Deposit and withdraw Bitcoin at any of these sports betting sites. We have listed the very best sportsbooks below – don’t forget to read their review to find out what bonuses they might have!

OneHash Rating


OneHash Features

  • Takes bets on-chain
  • Large sportsbook
  • Financial betting options

Bitcoin FAQ

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is highly secure “peer to peer electronic cash”. It is secure because it uses cryptographic proofs to determine ownership and these proofs cannot be fabricated. Bitcoin has become popular – in part – because it operates separately from government and middlemen; transactions made using Bitcoin can be made anonymously and without permission. This is unlike the traditional financial system where payments can be frozen, withheld or even confiscated. Bitcoin allows for a new kind of financial freedom, and these properties have made Bitcoin a go to currency for sports betting and gamblers alike.

Is Bitcoin sports betting US-friendly?

It is important to remember that various states in the US have laws against betting online, however many Bitcoin sports betting sites are still happy to accept players from the USA. “USA friendly” sportsbooks will automatically be displayed below based on your location. You should investigate the laws and regulations of your own state before you start to gamble online using Bitcoin. If the situation in the US does change at any time in the future, you can be sure that we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Restrictive sports betting legislation was repealed in May 2018 which has opened up the space for bookmakers to operate legally in the USA. Further details can be found in our article: Will PASPA Benefit Bitcoin Sports Bettors?

How can I deposit Bitcoin?

The first thing you’ll need to do is get a Bitcoin wallet, and many good options can be downloaded for free – you’ll find them easily with a quick search on Google. Next up, head over to an exchange, where you’ll be able to purchase BTC – a popular option for new users is The amount you choose to purchase is completely up to you. It’s then simply a case of heading to your preferred Bitcoin sports betting site and following the on-screen instructions to make a deposit with Bitcoin.

Will the sportsbook require my personal ID?

No, a good Bitcoin sportsbook will not require you to provide ID when signing up with them. In fact, many Bitcoin sportsbooks don’t require that you provide any details at all – not even an email address! You will also never be asked for ID at a good sportsbook when trying to withdraw your funds. Bitcoin gamblers take anonymity very seriously and the anonymity provided by betting with Bitcoin is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Why should I trust that these sports betting sites are legitimate?

The sports betting websites on this page are – to the best of our knowledge – legitimate gambling operators. These sportsbooks are considered to be safe for deposits and withdrawals, particularly those that we feature towards the top – many of whom have been operating successfully for several years. You will also see that each review we’ve created has a space for comments, and you’ll rarely find a bad comment about one of the great Bitcoin sportsbooks we have recommended to you. Please keep in mind that some of these businesses may be unregulated, meaning that your funds may lack some protection. Be sure to check out the appropriate licensing for each casino.

Bitcoin Is Changing Sports Betting For The Better

Bitcoin is altering the way people gamble in many ways, and the vast majority of these ways can only be seen in a positive light. Perhaps the biggest way in which Bitcoin is changing things up is this though: it is a currency without borders, accepted by sportsbooks no matter where you happen to be. So, whether you’re in the USA or the middle of Africa, you’ll find you can bet with Bitcoin. Of course, you should check your local laws and regulations though, just to ensure betting is legal where you are.

Another way in which Bitcoin is changing things is the fact that it is removing middlemen from the equation, and this can save gamblers not only time, but also money. The fact that all transactions are also visible on the blockchain means that fraud is removed almost entirely, meaning that the Bitcoin gambling world is a safer and more secure than its traditional counterpart. Of course, you should still exercise some caution though, just to ensure your personal details remain personal.

Speaking of personal details, most Bitcoin gambling sites will not require excessive personal info when depositing or withdrawing. In fact, some Bitcoin gambling sites simply work using your IP address, never requiring you to enter any personal details at all. In a time when personal privacy is a hot topic, it’s nice to see that it’s possible to gamble online without having to give too much about you away. So, if you want to bet with anonymity, using Bitcoin is often the only option open to you.

If you’re interested in registering at an anonymous sportsbook, see our full list here.

Gambling with Bitcoin is also often more exciting than gambling with fiat currency, and this is for one reason: Bitcoin values are constantly fluctuating, so any wins you receive could be compounded by this price growth, and that is clearly something that is very beneficial to all Bitcoin gamblers – as well as something you certainly won’t get when betting with standard currency. Of course, the value of Bitcoin could also drop, which is why it pays to keep one eye on how the markets are performing.

It’s also important to remember this: Bitcoin sportsbooks are often largely automated affairs, and this means that there’s a real lack of staffing costs for the sportsbook to absorb. But why is the fact that Bitcoin sportsbooks have lower running costs important? Well, it’s simple: lower running costs can often be passed down to the gambler, in the form of better odds – and is there anything more important to an online gambler than getting the best odds possible? You’ll also find that there’s an almost complete lack of fees when gambling online using Bitcoin, meaning you can save more of your money for gambling online.

So, you can clearly see that there are many ways in which Bitcoin is changing the online gambling world for the better, from favorable odds, all the way through to increased anonymity. If you want to experience Bitcoin gambling for yourself, why not sign-up with one of the sportsbooks we recommend and place a few bets today?

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